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Welcome To Nielsen’s Global Consumer Confidence Trend Tracker
Take the Pulse of the World's Consumers

Consumers are the heart of your business. You need to know the factors that drive spending intentions to plan for the future. Nielsen's Global Consumer Confidence Trend Tracker, an interactive data visualization, is the latest way to explore consumer sentiments related to the economy that can affect decisions at retail.

The tool leverages historical global consumer confidence data collected since 2005 through Nielsen's Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions, which spans 60 countries to represent a global online population of some two billion consumers—the largest survey of its kind! The tool's snapshot and trended views provide at-a-glance perspectives on what affects consumer confidence and how it changes over time.

Each quarter, Nielsen reports Consumer Confidence Index results, represented by the bars in this tool. The index measures perceptions about local job prospects, personal finances and immediate spending intentions. By selecting data points related to these factors, the tool allows you to create dynamic visualizations by region, country and time period.

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